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Speed up Play on the Course

  1. Lost Ball
    • If playing a friendly, spend no more that a couple of minutes looking for it.
    • If the course is busy your playing partners should continue with their play and not slow down play further by helping.
    • If playing by the rules and it looks likely that five minutes will be needed to find the ball, allow the group behind to play through.
  2. Playing your shot
    • While your playing partners are playing their shots you should be using the time to decide which club to use for the conditions, and be prepared to play without undue delay when it is your turn.
    • On the putting green be reading and lining up your putt while your playing partners are putting.
    • If you are playing a friendly match and you are ready to play even although you are not the farthest away, play away.
    • Keep your clubs close at hand at all times. Do not walk 50 yards to play your shot while leaving your clubs behind.
  3. Conversation on the course
    • If you are talking do not finish your conversation and then play your shot. Your shot always takes precedence. You can continue your conversation after you have played.
    • Do not walk in groups chatting. Split up and walk to your own ball at a decent pace.
  4. Out of Bounds
    • If it is possible that your ball is out of bounds (or may be lost), immediately declare a provisional ball and hit it so that you will not have to return to the same spot to play another ball.
  5. Score Card
    • If you are marking a score card and have holed out on the green, proceed immediately to the next tee before entering the scores. It is common courtesy to clear the green as quickly as possible.
  6. Finally
    • Remember, if there are four in a group and each takes 15 seconds longer than necessary to play their shot, a round that should take no more than 3 hours 40 minutes ends up taking nearly 4 hours.